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Michelle Motionless

tae what are you doing to your hyung…??

The Amity Affliction // via Tumblr unter We Heart It.
to people bashing taemin….

As a former taemint(im a locket,key stan), i must say his solo debut really impressed me. Taemin has it all… looks,talent and dedication. Its amazing to see how much he has improved vocally. Also its amazing to see him grow out of his makane cutesy image. I feel like taemin has wanted to move away from that label for a long time now.

To the fellow ‘shawols’ saying oh taemin doesn’t deserve a solo, this isnt very him,the choeography/vocals isnt strong or i want the cute boy back.

Listen,taemin has always idolized the late MJ. This song pretty much shows how inspired he was by mj. To me, it has the mj feel and feels like a tribute song to him. This song is very him.

Taemin out of everyone deserves tjis solo and you know why? HE HAS IMPROVED THE MOST. Tbh anyone in shinee can go solo but sm made the smart mive to use taemin. Taemin has the opportunity to explore his artistic roots and showcase his talent to the world. It jonghyun or onew went solo, we wouldn’t really get a impact on how they did cause we know thzy are strong vocalists. Taemin through dedication got to be the vocalist he is longer is he just a dancer.

The choreography…. is amazing. Tbh taemin all his life in shinee has done hard choreography as we know shinee choreography is the hardest ones in any SM group. Let him take a break. this dance btw is challenging but its amazingly done and coordinated. Have a problem? Complain to ian eastwood who worked really hard creating this choreography…. for this and all the albums songs

Taemin is a 21/22 year old man…. he can’t remain a teen forever. As much as we will miss it, he has to grow….

Thats all i have to say

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